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Fortune 500 Global Health Insurance Company signs up with KloudSign

PHILADELPHIA, KloudSign announced today the signing of a fotune 500 health and wellness organization to the KloudSign digital display platform.

"The KloudSign technology is a significant upgrade for our internal visual display network. I was able to work with their team to enhance the usage of the KloudSign device for our internal display monitors. With the increase of content capability, the production to display time has been decreased. The interactive capability for our displayed presentations elevates our internal display network to a valued asset for our facility-wide communications." Communication Specialist

The health and wellness organization will be using the KloudSign devices for internal communications in multiple office locations. The ability to access, upload, and manage multiple displays from a single location was a prerequisite for a signange solution and KloudSign was able to deliver. "We're really excited to be working with this group and think our solution will not only serve as an upgrade for internal communications but should be able to span accross other marketing opportunities over time, " said Shahzad Khokhar, Founder of KloudSign.

About KloudSign

KloudSign is an IT-free enterprise digital signage platform that combines smart device technology with an innovative content management system to remove the complexity and cost of digital signage and allow marketing professionals to quickly and easily manage & update enterprise display content. Designed specifically for marketing and communications professionals, KloudSign is dedicated to developing simple and affordable solutions that drive effective communication engagements

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