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Can I use a wireless mouse to update settings on the smart device?


Yes, you may sync your wireless mouse with the smart device (or use the USB port to plug in one). Please note that Bluetooth is "disabled" on the smart-device, by default.

How do I connect the smart device with the internet?


If you are using the smart device for the very first time, attach a mouse (wireless, or use the USB port to plug in a mouse) and right-click to activate the KloudSign smart device menu. Click on WiFi and set up your connection.


Why is my image displayed for 10 seconds at a time?


By default, the “display duration” of an image is set as 10 seconds. To change this duration, click on “Library” and then select the specific content item by clicking on the settings (wrench) icon. Please note that by default, video content is set to a display duration of the length of the video.





Why are my Power Point presentations missing animations?


Power Point presentations are converted and streamed as images. For better control, you may want to use a Prezi, or covert your power point into images and upload the converted slides.


Why is my Activation Code not showing?


Please ensure that you have connected your smart device to the internet. A soon as it finds connectivity, it will connect with the KloudSign server and display an activation code on your display.



Frequently Asked Questions

What media content type is supported by KloudSign?


KloudSign supports the following media content types: Google Slides, Flash, Prezi, PDF, YouTube, *.MP4, *.FLV, *.AVI, *.MOV, *.JPG, *.PNG, *.GIF, *.PPT, and Web URL. If your file is not listed, contact us and we will be happy to develop a custom script to make it work. 


What are Streams and Collections?


In order to help structure your content and make it easy to deploy, KloudSign provides two levels of content collation. You also have the ability to add a time based scheduler to a collection, allowing you to build streams with multiple collections, running at the desired schedule. For example, you could schedule an "announcements" collection to run from 12pm-1pm, but still have your standard collection run the rest of the day. These two collections would make up a single stream and hence a one time set up.



Can I attach a single stream to multiple devices?


Yes, in order to do so, under the “Devices” menu, select multiple devices at a time, and select a “Stream” from the provided list of available streams.



How are software updates made to the smart device?


KloudSign runs a remote update service which allows users to check for updates and then apply them to upgrade. In order to check for updates, right-click the mouse (wireless or plugged into the smart device USB port) and click on Updates.



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