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A self-proclaimed southern gentleman and modern day renaissance man, James brings substantial marketing and sales experience to KloudSign. Since graduating with his BS in Marketing from Villanova University, James has worked with some of the world’s leading brands like T-Mobile USA, Bridgestone, and the NFL while also dedicating his talents to health and wellness organizations such as HCA, UHS, and Cigna.


James always conveys a positive outlook. He is the guy that tells a client “That’s not a problem at all.” and then proclaims to the team, “We may have a problem… but I think we have an opportunity.” James has experienced the value KloudSign brings to an organization which drives his dedication to the organization's vision.


A classmate of Shahzad and Michael, James earned his MS in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University

Armed with an appetite for learning and a diligence that can’t be derailed, Michael is a force of nature in the best of ways. Michael’s passion for entrepreneurship began early in life when he would go house to house in his New Jersey neighborhood looking for driveways to shovel.

With the same startup spirit, Michael graduated with his BS in Marketing from The College of New Jersey and started Gratale Enterprises, a holding company for fitness franchises in south Florida. It was during this time he saw a need for fitness coaching and lifestyle management that lead him to start ecoach360.


Since then, Michael has been leading the admission and operations efforts of Kaplan University where he earned his MBA in 2009. In addition to his MBA, Michael also has his MS in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University.

Shahzad is a serial entrepreneur with an unparalleled passion for technology that has taken him all over the world. Prior to KloudSign, Shahzad served as the founder of Islamabad operations for Fusion Technologies, subsequently acquired by EnterpriseDB, and served as Adjunct Professor at Middlesex County College.


After finding success as an entrepreneur and a strategy consultant, Shahzad founded DigiDent Solutions in 2007 focusing on oil & gas technology and identity management consulting services. It was during this he quickly realized the need for cloud strategy and implementation services and founded CloudForce Consulting in 2011.


Since then he has set his sights on revolutionizing the marketers experience with digital content display technology with a vision of eliminating the IT barrier to great marketing communications.


Shahzad received his BS degree in Information Systems from Stony Brook University and a MS degree in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University

Shahzad Khokhar

Founder & President


Michael Gratale


James Coates






Specializing in physical and digital archiving for iconic collections, Asset Atelier provides related services by guiding the client through the entire life-cycle of a project including assessing, cataloging, preparing physical archives for digitization, as well as planning, customizing and implementing of DAM solutions and processes.

Asset Atelier is adept at translating and simplifying complex projects for different audiences and is dedicated to providing clients with the absolute highest level of service.  Asset Atelier is honored to be trusted with such valued collections and the ability to help clients share the legacy of such collections to a broader audience. Both partners also serve on the Board of Directors for the Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York, Inc. (A.R.T.).


i-media-international is a social communications agency with offices in New York City and Miami. At i-media-international, we know the communications landscape has changed. To that landscape we bring the strength and experience of 20 years in the public relations business and combine it with social strategy smarts to create 360⁰ social communications campaigns that get your message to your audience in the most effective way possible. 



Designed specifically for marketing and communications professionals, KloudSign is dedicated to developing simple and affordable solutions that drive effective communication engagements. 

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